ksk: a most useful edging

A slipped 3-stitch edging to use again and again. And again.

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This simple edging is one I keep using for all sorts of designs and projects. Maybe you will too.
Just three stitches create a neat edge that looks properly finished.

A particular bonus: equally pleasing viewed from either side.

Here you can see how it curves nicely around the leaves on my Zenobia shawl (an old design I just re-knitted with Wollmeise Blend in order to update the instructions and pattern layout. Well, that and to get a soft squishy shawl in Blend).


How to knit the 3-stitch edging

Right Side ksk = K1, sl1wyf, k1
Wrong Side sks = Sl1wyf, k1, sl1wyf

Right Side – ksk

Here, worked on the far (left) edge.

1. Knit to last 3 stitches.

2. Knit 1.

3. Take yarn to front, slip 1 purl-wise with yarn in front.

4. Take yarn to back, knit 1.

Right Side ksk is done.
If you look closely you can see how the slipped stitch column (under the blue stitch) retracts between the two knit stitches.

Wrong Side – sks

The view from the Wrong Side.

1. Take yarn to front, slip 1 purlwise (as if to purl) with yarn in front.

2. Take yarn to back, knit 1.

3. Take yarn to front, slip 1 purlwise

That’s it!

In sum
On the Right Side: work the 3 first (and/or last) stitches as ksk.
On the Wrong Side: work the 3 first (and/or) last stitches as sks.

The edge looks identical on both sides because the outermost stitch rolls toward the Wrong Side.
Here are just three of my many projects that feature this edge.


Zenobia & non troppo



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