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June 18 – 21
Ziggurat retreat with Hand Herz Seele in Bahnhof Hohenstein, Germany
2019 workshop details (bookings for 2020 open in September)


December 7: Erfurt
Åsa Tricosa Workshop during the Erfurt stop on the Christmas Markets & Knitting in Germany – a 10-night tour (3–13 December)
Organiser: Yarn Culture
details & registration



June 26 – July 2
Knitting Im-Mercerie III at Les Soeurs Anglaises (Southwest France)
retreat details

June 13 – 16
Ziggurat retreat with Hand Herz Seele in Bahnhof Hohenstein, Germany
workshop details (waiting list only)

May 17 & 18
Ziggurat workshops
mylys Hamburg, Germany

Friday, May 18: 18–21
Saturday, May 19: 11–14

March 21 – 24
attending (not workshopping) the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, Scotland

Friday & Saturday 11–11:30 find me and my new shawl pattern @ Ginger Twist’s booth
Friday 3 pm Zigguratrices meet-up in the Marquee (stop by to say hi!)
Saturday 3 pm find me @ Rohrspatz & Wollmeise’s booth

March 2 
Wollwind, Berlin
Ziggurat workshop 14:30–17:30
(waiting list only)

February 2 – 3 
Northampton, Massachusetts, USA
2-day Ziggurat workshop
workshop details & registration (waiting list only)

January 25 – 27 
Vogue Knitting Live NY, USA
workshop details  (SOLD OUT)



January 12 – 14 
Vogue Knitting Live NY, USA
workshop details (sold out)

May 10 – 13
with Hand Herz Seele in Bad Hohenstein, Germany

retreat details (sold out)

May 20
BOOK LAUNCH PARTY & workshop at Purlescence 

August 29 – September 4

Les Soeurs Anglaises (Southwest France)
retreat details (sold out)

September 8
Rohrspatz & Wollmeise – Ziggurat Book PARTY!
Pfaffenhofen/Ilm, Germany

September 22
mylys Hamburg, Germany
ADDITIONAL CLASS (afternoon) added – update: classes are full; waiting list only (sorry!)
workshop details (sold out)

October 13
Herr U in den Heckmann Höfen & am Amalienpark
am: Berlin-Pankow, Germany (class is full; waiting list only)
pm: Berlin-Mitte, Germany
workshop details  (sold out)

Note: My workshops in Germany are held in English und Deutsch in an unholy mixture. You may ask questions in German and I’ll come up with answers in some kind of German if need be! Fragen auf Deutsch sind willkommen, Antworte, Erklärungen und Beispiele werden mit Freuden auf die selbe Weise versucht.

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