Nondaily Tip No. 1: the tip tip


(or In Praise of Interchangeable Circulars)


When knitting in the round, screw in a SMALLER needle to use as your Left Needle.



This makes all those decreases and cables soooo much easier to perform.
In other words, good for lace, good for cabling.


But also for plain ol’ knitting in the round.

What’s more, the Tip Tip works particularly well for the Magic Loop method.

You know how you sometimes have to force nudge stubbornly nonyielding stitches over the connecting join, onto the Left Needle and up toward the tip?


A smaller Left Needle makes this much easier. The stitches slide, flow.
And allow you to be the gentle, nonviolent knitter you really are at heart.


Yarn notes:
Green yarn: Fyberspates Faery Wings
Stripes: GGH Baby Alpaka

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