I, my tech editors, valiant test knitters, proofreaders, we all do our very best to give you an error-free and pleasing pattern. Nevertheless… errors slip through even when something has been knitted a hundred times (this is a mystery to me, but so it is).

If you do find errors, please let me know!

I try to update my patterns as soon as I or some eagle-eyed knitter discovers (EEK!) an error. When this happens, you’ll receive a message from Ravelry to let you know an updated version is available.

I often add a note to say what exactly has been corrected, so that you don’t necessarily have to print out the page(s) again if you work from a printed pattern.

p.s. You can find tips and hints in the Åsa Tricosa group on Ravelry. You are also welcome to post questions there – you’re more likely to get both a better and quicker reply from a knitter who has knitted the particular design more recently than I have. Also, your question may help other knitters!