2-into-2 for Semele

Photo tutorial for the 2-into-2 stitch

The 2-into-2, stitch figures at the beginning of the Semele shawl.
(once each on Rows 19, 21, and 23 of Chart B).

What is it?
Answer: it is really just a simple kfb (knit front/back) worked into 2 stitches. In other words, it is an increase (kfb) and a decrease (k2tog) at the same time, so you neither add nor lose stitches. You start with 2 stitches. You end with 2 stitches.

How to knit the 2-into-2 stitch

Orange yarn is used just to make the move more visible.

1. Knit 2 stitches together and leave the stitches on Left Needle.

2. Go behind Left Needle. Insert Right Needle into back legs of the same 2 stitches and…

…knit the same 2 stitches together again, this time through their back legs.

3. Slide the 2 worked stitches off Left Needle.
You have made 2 stitches out of 2 stitches – a 2-into-2.

That’s it. Simple.


Here you can see the 2-into-2 made once each on Rows 19, 21, 23 of Chart B, and the new ladder emerging to the left of the orange 2-into-2 stitches.

Why bother?

Answer: I wanted to continue the thickish border column (highlighted) of a lace ladder and at the same time introduce stitches to start a new ladder.

An aside:
The setup of the Semele shawl required a lot of trial and error… not least because I was not exactly a seasoned designer at the time. But it was a fun process – and I still like the trial and error part of designing. A lot.

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