Zigalong Prizes for 2019

The Perpetual Zigalong is coming to an end – for THIS year.

We will perpetually continue to Zigalong in 2020. Join our Perpetual Zigalong KAL for fun and sharing of clever or interesting or both knitting ideas – and for the chance to win YARN and THINGS.

Every FO is eligible to win prizes in each prize draw – even if your FO has won before.
(The only exception is that you can win the Sweater Quantity just once in a calendar year.)

Below are some of the prizes in the most recent prize draws – basically, we hold draws when we feel like it. The randomly drawn winners now get to rank the prizes in order of preference. I like this new procedure and it seems to work. More knitters get the prizes they would rather win, and yarn will end up in the right places. Mostly. Or eventually.

From left to right: Walk Collection Cozy Merino (donated by Walk Collection – thank you!), Kettle Yarn Ramble, Rauwerk Merino DK

Prize: Sweater Quantity of Walk Collection Cozy Merino (Royal Blue) – donated by Walk Collection – isn’t it just luscious?!
(I knitted a Jolt of Blue with this yarn. I usually don’t even like blue, but this blue?! Mmmm!)

Prize: Sweater Quantity of  Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Blend (Fritzi Frizzante) – donated by Wollmeise (chosen by Raveler anbrecht)


Prize: One of two hand-bound notebooks I bought at Les Soeurs Anglaises last summer – one with embroidered roses on the spine (striped notebook chosen by Raveler KateDalrymple)

Project bag & notions bag & mini skeins from The Little Grey sheep – donated by anonymous Zigguratrice (won by Ravelers ClematisKnitter and TetaTones)


Books I like (these two are written by fellow knitters) & Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Merino DK – Nobody is perfect (nip) and We’re Different (WD) – yarn donated by Wollmeise.
This was 2 prizes – 1 book & 1 skein for each.

More blue!

Prize: Sweater Quantity of  Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Merino DK (Ahoi!) – donated by Wollmeise (chosen by Raveler Dancingsaint)

Prize: Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Merino DK nip (Hamam and Versuchskaninchen – donated by Wollmeise)
(Versuchskaninchen chosen by Raveler AnnR –  Hamam is still in the prize basket)

Prize: Rohrspatz & Wollmeise mini balls (Twin, Pure, Lace-Garn) and a little Kunibags sachet (yarn donated by Wollmeise). These little mini skeins are not accidentally perfect for the Ziggurat details – seamless lined hems, mini pockets, a buttonband… and more!


Some sweater quantities and other yarn have been kindly sponsored by dyers who supported the first Ziggurat Book. Some prizes stem from generous anonymous donors. THANK YOU! Some prizes are pulled from my stash or are things I have picked up along the way with the KAL in mind.

By the way, to qualify for a prize in 2020 you don’t have to start your Ziggurat in 2020. But you do have to finish it…

Knit with abandon!

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