Workshops @ Wollrausch in Berlin

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31 January & 1 February 2014

PANKOW: Friday 31 January 2014, 14.00 – 18.00
SCHILDOW: Saturday 01 February 2014, 14.00 – 18.00

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Ziggurat Class

We’ll have a good time together while learning hands-on how to master the simple and elegant top-down, seamless Ziggurat method.
You will knit up a mini Simple Ziggurat (at least to the separation of sleeves and body – or maybe a complete little pullover if you knit fast).

You will learn in detail:

  • Some tricks for picking up cap and shoulder stitches with the least work which creates neat, seamlike edges
  • Why the pick up & purl is really a pick up & knit
  • The Perfect Neckline Cast On
  • How to read the Helpful Table
  • How to make size adjustments
  • The beauty of non-cut, no-seam, all-in-one, top-down knitting

After the class you will be ready to knit a full-size version for yourself – or for some very deserving person.

Shawl Class

You will learn in detail three or four of the unusual beginnings and cast ons for my shawls.
The skills are useful for Åsa Tricosa shawls but also for other shawl designs or for making up your own.

We will work through some or all of:

  • Winding Cast On, the first opposite-direction leaf of Semele,
  • How and where to pick up stitches for the transition to knitting in the main direction
  • Winding Cast On and working in opposite directions right away – as for Galathea
  • Starting out with a piece of edging and then progress to proper shawl with borders and edging all worked at the same time – as for Arietta or Atalanta
  • Åsa’s Amazing Tab Cast-on – as for Bakau and Tiong Bahru (this cast on is useful for any top-down shawl with a built-in edging)

See you there!

p.s. Ich spreche (noch) nicht gut Deutsch, verstehe aber natürlich Fragen. Zudem wird der unermüdliche Sascha vorhanden sein als Dolmetscher.