The A-Side

Shawl Kit from Nature’s Luxury


The A-Side, a new Åsa Tricosa shawl, teams up with On Stage, a new yarn from Nature’s Luxury, for an exclusive performance.

The A-Side is an elegant and simple shawl with a modern (read: simple) lace border that knits up to a soothing beat — find your own groove among the enticing colourways Danica has dyed. Scroll down to see the names and be inspired!

This shawl was designed especially to bring out all the extravagance of the gorgeous new yarn, a luxurious blend of finest merino, silk, and baby camel. It’s the sort of yarn that makes you a better knitter than you are. (Or at least makes me a better knitter than I am.) This was precisely what Nature’s Luxury intended as they worked with experts at the mill to create On Stage. The merino wool provides elasticity and volume, the silk gives the fabric a wonderful sheen, and the baby camel drinks in the intense colours and lends a special suppleness. Everything together makes an incredibly soft yarn, very easy to work with and with a fantastic stitch definition.

  • The kit is available from Nature’s Luxury — in English and/or in German.
  • The pattern is also available on Ravelry.

    (Both versions become available for download to your Ravelry Library when you buy the kit – or download to your computer if you are not a member of Ravelry. But if you are a knitter, you should be!)

The A-Side
Size: 45 cm x 200 cm (18″ x 80″)
Yarn: Nature’s Luxury On Stage (50% fine merino, 30% silk, 20% baby camel; 300 m per 100 g)
Needle: 4 mm (US 6)
Gauge/Tension: 21 sts x 26 rows over stocking stitch
Approx yardage: 580 – 600 m (635 – 660 yds) – 2 skeins of On Stage

A-Side Collage

The A-Side is knitted sideways in one piece from end to end with border and edging worked as you go; a plain stocking stitch centre is surrounded by interesting textures allow the luxurious hand dyed yarn to truly shine.


The shawl features some (intended)  holes but I almost hesitate to call it lace – the 6-row repeat has just 1 row of  yarnovers and decreases, which technically makes it LACE. This is definitely beginner-friendly lace.

The sweet, little textured cable along the upper edge is also quite  straightforward. Unlike many smaller cables, this one does require a cable needle (or a double pointed needle).

The instructions (charted and written out) are written for a generous shawl, but the size is easy to adjust.

A-Side Collage 2

Find your own groove among the many tempting colourways dyed by Danica at Nature’s Luxury:

The Reds
Elegantly Wasted
Dancing Queen
Addicted to Love
Skandal um Rosy

The Blues
Blue Hotel
Father Figure
Love is Like Oxygen
Breakfast in America

The Mauves/Greys
Slave to the Rhythm
Tu M’as Promis
Wish you were here
Harley Davidson

The Greens
*Macarena* – colour of the shawl in  photos
Boy of Summer
Head over Heels

The Browns/Yellows
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Wild Horses
Love on the Beat

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Regina Kleck says:

Guten Tag,
könnten Sie mir bitte die Anleitung für dieses wunderschöne Tuch, The A-Side, in deutscher Sprache zusenden.
Im voraus vielen Dank.
mit freundlichen Grüßen
Regina Kleck

Åsa Tricosa says:

Guten Tag,

Besten Dank für Ihre Anfrage.
Leider ist es mir nicht möglich, Ihnen die Anleitung zuzusenden. Bis Mitte September ist The A-Side nur als Kit exklusiv über Nature’s Luxury zu beziehen. Darin ist die Anleitung als Download auf Deutsch oder auf Englisch enthalten. Falls Sie daran Interesse haben, wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an Nature’s Luxury.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

A'sa Melvin says:

I tryed to use your coupon for The A-Side shawl in Ravelry, but it had expired 4 and a half hours before midnight PST (I live in California, USA), so I e*mailed Ravelry and they answered back that the time zones are upto the designer. I am very disappointed that minutes after I recieved your newsletter with the coupon “replay” in it that I was denied the use of the coupon to order The A-Side. So count me along with other disappointed fans of your designs that live in the United States of America. A’sa Melvin

Åsa Tricosa says:

I’m sorry for your great disappointment, but perhaps also just a little happy that one of my designs would be so desirable as to create such a disappointment. I’m also happy to extend the discount to you after the fact – unless you’re too disappointed to appreciate it. (The Newsletter went out the day before the discount ended, so it wasn’t intentionally set up to irk knitters in disadvantaged time zones.)

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