Sweatrrr is a fun, funky, sligthly tailored but not too clingy sweater knitted all in one go from the cast on to the hem, using the same Ziggurat Top-Down Tricnique as Simple, Koronki, Tric, well all of my sweaters now!

Necessity is the mother of invention – the triangle sleeve was invented to stretch 3 skeins to make a sweater. It worked!

This is the original wedge:



Small intarsia squares (aka as blobs) run down centre back and front.
The contrasting rolled neck is knitted last.
The set-in sleeves are also knitted top-down and in the round using either Magic Loop or two circs.
A bold triangle insert is knitted into the right sleeve as a finishing (yarn-saving) flourish. Not a seam in sight.

There are step-by-step instructions, an overview table to help you keep track of increases from shoulder to the separation of sleeves, and how-to photos (on the last pages, to be printed or not as you choose).

Instructions for (optional) bust darts (3 sizes) and waist shaping are also included.
Oh, and my personal favourite, the idiosynchratic bum-forgiving increase. This is for those of us whose bum sometimes serves as an… um… little shelf where t-shirts, jackets and shirts tend to rest and bunch up. A handful of increases at the back on a round slightly below the waist takes care of that.

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