Stripes Ahoy!

Stripes Ahoy! is a tailored pullover with a high, wide neckline, boatneck style, and with set-in sleeves.

There is some waist and rear shaping yet the fit is relaxed.
Optional bust dart (just a small one to not upset the striping).

  • Everything is knitted in one go, top to bottom
  • No seaming
  • Set-in sleeves are knitted in the round from cap to cuff
  • Yarn is carried from stripe to stripe, no extra ends to weave in
  • Contrasting stripes on one sleeve and intarsia inset on the other are a fun – and optional – detail
  • Photo tutorial
  • Helpful Table to keep track of increases

You’ll find a photo tutorial for the Ziggurat Tricnique and the stripe jog that miraculously fits in precisely with the slipped-stitch faux seam of the caps.

As usual, there’s the Helpful Table to keep track of increases from shoulder to underarm cast-on.
Here is machamaya’s lovely test knit in Holst Supersoft 100% uld (wool):

machamaya's Stripes Ahoy! in Holst Supersoft 100& uld

I like the test knit versions better than my own sample… so I think I’ll need to knit another!

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