Mini Simple Ziggurats

Ziggurats for Babies & Children


Baby Simple Ziggurat and Child Simple Ziggurat are the mini me versions of the adult Simple Ziggurat.

They started out as a mini version for my Workshops and Classes, but then knitters wished to knit them for actual children, and these, as we know, come in different sizes. Therefore:


BABY:  newborn (3M, 6M, 9M) [12M, 18M, 24M)

CHILD:  2Y (3Y, 4Y, 5Y, 6Y) [7Y, 8Y, 9Y, 10Y]


photo © & knitting: Alexis Borsboom

The two patterns include all details of the adult version — except for waist shaping and bust darts, for good reason…
On the other hand,  there are two (optional) extras for the minis: inline pocket(s) and/or a double cuff.

The pockets are included thanks to Alexis who has knitted and photographed the gorgeous purple Child Ziggurat. She also provided some much needed guidance of what actual children may actually need and want. Hence, (optional) pockets. And a better (not so open) neckline for the child sizes.

The double cuff is thanks to Ceciiiiiiiilia, the loveliest singing baby on earth. Her mother (aka as tech editor* Stephanie Boardman) was not as impressed with my sleeves as I was, and wanted me to make them narrower at the cuff. I didn’t like that visual line and came upon a splendid compromise. How about an inner cuff to keep Cecilia’s chubby little wrists warm without narrowing the sleeve? Done!

Why all the details from the adult pattern you may ask?
Well, the idea was to make these smaller versions a possible test run for those knitters who may want to try the Ziggurat method but without the bigger commitment of an adult sweater.

Knit the mini Ziggurats with two or more colours as you please – I added a third colour to my orrrange/rrrred/pppink Zigguratlet. But why stop at three?

You could also add bobbles, of course!


 * The patterns have been expertly tech edited by Stephanie Boardman and Kitty Wunder

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