About me

I am a Swedish knitting designer who now lives in Germany  Denmark with a Danish husband.
I knit with abandon.
I’ve knitted my way from Sweden to Denmark via New York and Boston and Singapore, and Sussex – and Germany.
You will soon notice that my designs are mostly seamless and top down, and that I’m seriously attracted by unsual solutions.

The Ziggurat sweater is my signature. It’s a seamless, top down, contiguous or Simultaneous-Set-In sleeve method that I have developed and polished since my first Ziggurat saw the light in 2011. I’m still somewhat obsessed by it.

Just a little bit later I cleared my desk of notebooks and scribblings about J.S. Mill and a turgidly slow-forming PhD dissertation – “knitting” appears exactly nowhere in his Collected Works. I’m sure you can see the problem.
I’m a knitter, not an academic. I know there are academic knitters –  and knitting academics. I’m just not one of them.

My other somewhat edged-out-of-the-way obsession is food. Good food. And crusty bread. Our house pet is a sourdough starter (which I happily share).

By the way, Åsa (Ooh-sah or Awe-sah) rhymes with Tricosa  in most or many languages. Söderman rhymes with not much at all.

I hope you enjoy my designs!

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And if that is not enough…
A good overview of the Ziggurat method: episode 58 (YouTube) of the Fruity Knitting video podcast (the Ziggurat section begins here)
Designer spotlight Q&A on the Loopy Ewe blog

(Åsa Tricosa is my designer name – my real name is Åsa Söderman, which rhymes with not much.)