photo copyright: knittimo

Semele is an elegant shawl, knitted sideways in one piece from one tip the other.

I’m particularly pleased with the unusual cast on and beginning of this shawl.
It took many trials and errors…

The first leaf is knitted in one direction, then everything gets turned and you knit the rest of the shawl in the other direction.
The lace pattern is a traditional stitch pattern – Great- Grandmother’s edging –  often used as a border around blankets or table cloths.
I shouldn’t write that, for it is my nightmare… and why I rarely wear lace. I don’t want it to look as if I swiped the table cloth just as I was stepping out the door!)

I charted and reworked this edging to make it into this elegant shawl. The leaf motif along the upper edge echoes the generous and billowy lace border along the bottom (and they keep pace with each other in the pattern repeat).

The pattern is charted and also written out line by line.
(You may find the photo tutorial on the provisional Winding Cast On helpful.)

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